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We will present a coupon code when your order payment come up to following amounts:
≥80USD, 5% discount;
≥140USD, 10% discount;
≥260USD, 15% discount;
The coupon code will be emailed with the tracking number when order is sent. It will work on your next purchase.

Any question pls feel free to contact us. We will try our best to reply you at the first time.Expecting for your coming order.
Thanks for your valuable time!

Best wishes,
Sale Dept.

Orders Status Instructions:

No Payment: You do not pay for your order which would not be processed, please try to pay again.

Pay Success: Your payment is successful, and the order will be processed in 48 hours.

Pay Fail: Your payment is fail, and the order would not be processed unless you replace the order successfully.

Payment Processing: Your payment is processing, the order status will turn into Pay success or Pay Fail.

Payment Declined: Usually the payment is blocked by bank system, make sure you are not trying to pay within 24 hours since your first successful payment, or you could contact us for further help.

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